Battle For The Sun (Redux Edition)

  • Battle For The Sun (Redux Edition)
    Label :
    Dreambrother Ltd
    Producteur :
    David Bottrill
    Date :
    27 septembre 2010
    1. 01. Trigger Happy HandsTraduction Trigger Happy Hands disponibleAnnotations Trigger Happy Hands disponibles
    2. 02. Monster TruckAnnotations Monster Truck disponibles
    3. 03. Breathe Underwater (Slow)Traduction Breathe Underwater (Slow) disponible
    4. 04. Unisex
    5. 05. Because I Want You (Redux)Traduction Because I Want You (Redux) disponibleAnnotations Because I Want You (Redux) disponibles
    6. 06. Blind (Redux)Traduction Blind (Redux) disponibleAnnotations Blind (Redux) disponibles
    7. 07. Drag (Redux)Traduction Drag (Redux) disponibleAnnotations Drag (Redux) disponibles
    8. 08. Twenty Years (Redux)Traduction Twenty Years (Redux) disponibleAnnotations Twenty Years (Redux) disponibles
    9. 09. Soulmates (Redux)Traduction Soulmates (Redux) disponible
    10. 10. Trigger Happy Hands (Buffalo Daughter remix)Traduction Trigger Happy Hands (Buffalo Daughter remix) disponibleAnnotations Trigger Happy Hands (Buffalo Daughter remix) disponibles