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Bonsoir à tous!

You don't care about post
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Bonsoir à tous!

10 things you don't know about Golf on TV

(1) Just half of the shots you see are really live. There is no way around it, particularly at the start of a telecast. Half of the players in contention may be hitting the exact same moment. Many times, announcers will say,"Some time back..." But we do not always signify when a shooter is on tape, not to deceive audiences but since it becomes cumbersome to do this each time.

Taped shots are catchy for on-course announcers such as Judy Rankin, as their sound is live. Booth announcers can explain what is on their screens, but Judy must clarify the problem from memory, await the noise of effect within her cans, then continue as though it were happening live.

(2) We all know the gap truth. Some hole places work much better for tv , particularly at a class with enormous greens, such as Champions Golf Club at Houston, in which they played with the Tour Championship. We want to know beforehand where the holes are going to be--it impacts where we put the cameras--but we don't dictate the place. Of a green possible hole places for the week, an individual may be really terrible for tv. We might imply that the tour folks use that place on Thursday and another one for weekend . Should they hear, great. Otherwise, we find a way to make it operate.

(3) We fiddle with all the leader board. Normally, we record players with the identical score depending on the amount of holes . However, a major name such as Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson consistently goes right to the front of the lineup, even though he has played with the fewest holes. This practice, called a priority pioneer board, ensures the marquee players are more notable.

(4) Announcers do not move evaluations. That is true for nearly every game, which explains why it does not make sense to put in a bidding war to get an announcer or to cover him over the industry rate. The system simply will not get the yield on its investment. Along with the fantastic announcers are not likely to jump ship anyhow. When Gary McCord's contract with CBS was going to expire a few years before, I approached him. He stated,"I am flattered, but CBS was hugely faithful to me" Nevertheless, Johnny Miller could likely initiate a bidding war when he chose to leave NBC. Love him or hate him, people listen in to hear what he's got to convey.

(5) ABC had a opportunity to employ David Feherty but let him move to CBS. I made David's first declaring gig, the off-season Johnnie Walker World Championship at Jamaica, for the USA Network. He was very worried, but his humor was there.

David reported that Loren Roberts struck a shot that struck a coconut, keeping the ball from the water. David discovered that the coconut, held it up and said,"Here I am. I am nursing Loren Roberts' bruised nut" Then, I needed to employ him for ABC, however, the directors said,"We do not have any space for him."

(6) You will learn more should you see on a weekday. Since the championship's narrative has yet to grow, Thursday and Friday telecasts could be filled with advice. Announcers inform more purposeful stories, and we conduct more interviews and comprehensive capabilities. Even when you're not as obsessive as SignBoy, it is the ideal chance to pick up tidbits around gamers.

(7) We are entertainers, not even journalists. Magazines like Golf Digest sometimes accuse us of not becoming journalists. That is unfair, since we understand we are not journalists, and we do not pretend to be. We are entertainers, and also our principal job will be to present the narrative of what is going on in the tournament.

amazon golf rangefinders

Other times we are criticized because of the summertime we provide into the PGA Tour and its patrons. The reality isthe very last thing we need is that the telecast for a three-hour infomercial. At the sametime we're acutely conscious that we couldn't manage to broadcast the events without patrons. As rights-holding spouses of the PGA Tour, networks need to fill contractual duties like public-service statements for the interviews and tour with the patrons' CEOs from the 18th green.

(8) Unexpected death is your (currency ) pits. Playoffs could be exciting for audiences, but they are real downers for its networks, which lose money when telecasts run beyond the scheduled sign-off time. Following 6 p.m., these additional commercials do not generate any earnings, while the preempted news branch gives up its advertising bucks. So it is not merely the playoff loser that feels the pain of defeat.

(9) Want to get on TV? That is easy. If each reality show has turned you down, do not think streaking on the 18th fairway will turn you into a star. We do not show anyone who enters the field of play, irrespective of the way he or she is (un)dressed. But we're on the watch for eye catching subjects from the gallery--adorable babies, individuals with Jesper Parnevik masks--as long as they are in great flavor. If you do not have a baby and can not borrow for the afternoon, the next choice is to attempt to maintain the background once we reveal players' others, such as Elin Nordegren and Amy Mickelson. Just realize that you might be confused for a stalker.

(10) We overlook lots of shots, but not one of Tiger's. We've got fewer than 25 cameras to get a normal tour event and our attention is on the leaders, therefore that there are blind spots in the policy. We can not show every fantastic shot, particularly if it happened before we arrived on the air.

If Tiger Woods is acting until we proceed on the air Thursday or even Friday, however, we'll head out first and tape each of his shots so we can initiate the telecast with an upgrade of how he is doing. On the weekend, he is the 1 man we must cover, even though he is not about the leader board. We would not do this for any other participant, and Tiger will still continue to obtain this type of VIP therapy until the evaluations inform us differently.

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Re: Bonsoir à tous!

Bienvenue sur city !  biere

Put your hands in the air,
and wave them like you give a f**k!!!

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Re: Bonsoir à tous!

Bienvenue à toi !  ok

"Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothes, but inwardly, they are ravening wolves"

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Re: Bonsoir à tous!

Bienvenue  happy

Don't worry baby, it's just the end of the world...

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Re: Bonsoir à tous!

Hello et bienvenue par ici !  biere

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